We are going to explain some things about this site that may be new to some of you.
John and Sheila Peterson
Can I play the radio shows on my computer or mobile devise?
Yes you can either stream or download the file. To stream click the drama you want to listen too. To download right click drama, choose save link as and

Some times the shows are not clear or the beginning /ending is missing. Why?
When you click on to a radio show you are clicking on to a piece of history. In 1945 there were fewer than 7,000 working TV sets in the country and
only nine stations on the air; three in New York, two each in Chicago and Los Angeles, and one each in Philadelphia and Schenectady, NY. It wasn't until the
mid 50s that television started to take off. What you had was black and white and a bad image. To buy a television was something big. People didn't feel they
had to have one yet. We still played outside, board games, read books and listened to the radio. It was not until 1965 that color TV booms. By year's end,
96% of NBC's nighttime schedule is broadcast in color, along with all major programs, sports events and specials.

The only reason these programs exist today is because recording engineers for the networks cut what are called "transcriptions" of the shows with a gigantic
record-cutting machine as they were being broadcast live. For example, CBS New York would cut one and CBS Hollywood would cut one, and if something
happened to either of the two or both, that show would no longer exist. After the "extinction" of dramatic radio from the United States during the sixties, the
networks decided no one would ever want to listen the shows again and began throwing them into dumpsters by the thousands. It is a little known fact that many
of the programs you're hearing on this
site would not exist if radio fans had not literally picked them out of dumpsters. The fact that we can listen to these great
shows is a small miracle. So there will be some crackling, popping and maybe hesitation or echo. Remember some of these shows are between 70 to 90 years

The next time you listen to a radio show dated from 1930's to 1950's imagine no television around and this show is coming from your AM radio (which is your
only form of media entertainment) besides going to the theater.

We have also added radio shows from the 1970's to 2000 and you have some of the same problems. Many of these shows if they were not recorded by someone
when broadcast or the CD or tape was not purchased turned into a digital files they were lost. Depending what was used to record or transfer these shows to
digital dictated the quality of the file.  
List Of Shows
Entering The Mind's Eye library includes thousands of radio programs and we plan to add more. Some of the finest actors,
performers, writers, producers, directors, and technical craftsmen delivered outstanding programming that fueled the
imagination of listeners with drama, comedy, westerns, detective stories, science fiction and adventure.

Remember, imagination is a terrible thing to waste.
Answers To Questions For New Listeners